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If you have a vascular disorder, such as peripheral artery disease (PAD), limb preservation is the top priority at Vascular and Vein Institute of the South with multiple locations in Germantown, North Millington, and Memphis in Tennessee, Oxford, and Senatobia in Mississippi, and West Memphis and Forest City, Arkansas. The experienced team of vascular surgeons offers advanced treatments that can save your legs by avoiding amputation. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to learn more about limb preservation options.

Limb Preservation

What is limb preservation?

Limb preservation at Vascular and Vein Institute of the South can save your limbs if you have a vascular disorder. Vascular diseases, including PAD, are common causes of limb amputations. To avoid losing a limb, get a second opinion for amputation with your vascular surgeon, who will work with you to save your legs.

What are the benefits of limb preservation?

If you have PAD or another vascular disease, limb preservation not only helps you keep your limbs, in some instances, it may even prolong or save your life. Avoiding amputation maximizes your quality of life by making it easier to stay active and reduce your risk of chronic diseases and depression.

Is limb preservation right for me?

To find out if you’re a good candidate for limb preservation, your Vascular and Vein Institute of the South specialist reviews your symptoms, asks questions about your medical history, and completes a physical exam. 

They might recommend angiography, blood tests, lower leg blood pressure measurements (ankle/brachial index), other blood pressure tests, or vascular ultrasound to diagnose the severity of vascular disease and develop a treatment plan.

What are my limb preservation treatment options?

Specialists at Vascular and Vein Institute of the South may suggest the following limb preservation options:

Laser atherectomy

Laser atherectomy uses high-energy light beams to dissolve plaque in your arteries without damaging surrounding tissues.

Angioplasty with stenting

Angioplasty with stenting is a procedure in which your surgeon places a hollow tube through blood vessels and opens blocked arteries using a tiny balloon-like device. They may insert a stent, or mesh framework, into the artery to keep it open.

Bypass surgery

During bypass surgery, your vascular surgeon creates a bypass graft using blood vessels from other parts of your body. Doing so allows blood to flow around narrowed or blocked arteries.

Thrombolytic therapy

Your vascular specialist might inject clot-dissolving medications into arteries to break up blood clots and restore normal blood flow.


Taking certain medications can reduce high cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, blood clots, and poor blood flow.

Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes that can save your limbs and prolong your life include getting regular exercise, not smoking, eating healthy foods, and maintaining ideal body weight.

Get a second opinion for amputation by scheduling a limb preservation consultation with the experts at Vascular and Vein Institute of the South by phone or book an appointment online today.