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Vascular institute raises awareness for kidney disease

On Friday, October 14th, our Physician Liasion, Ryan Deady, was a guest on the News Channel 5 Bluff City Life Show to raise awareness about Kidney Disease.

 Ryan is not only a dedicated member of the Vascular Institute & Podiatry Institute of the South outreach team, he is also a board member of the National Kidney Foundation’s West Tennessee Chapter and a strong advocate in the fight against Kidney Disease. In this segment, he discusses the risk factors for kidney disease, how it affects the Mid-South, and what we can do to fight this disease.


Kidney Disease affects more than 37 million adults in the United States and 90% are unaware that they have it. Together, the Vascular Institute & Podiatry Institute of the South are dedicated to raising awareness about the disease and committed to supporting the life-changing work of the National Kidney Foundation:

Vascular and Vein Institute of the South VVIS

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The Vascular Institute is closely monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak.

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