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Patient-Centered Care

Hearing back from our patients is so rewarding!


Dr. Dias Perera recieved this letter in the mail from one of his patients thanking him for the wonderful care that was provided at The Vascular Institute. Our surgeons strive to create personal relationships with each of their patients.

Our goal is to provide individualized, patient-centered care to each new person who comes through the doors. Our team at The Vascular Institute is dedicated in achieving a positive, relaxing atmsphere to make sure our patients are comfortable.

Each day we are given the opportunity to change lives and save lives! The impact our work as Vascular Surgeons has on those throughout the Mid-South community makes each day so meaningful. We are so thankful for every one of our patients and their family members that have trusted us to take care of their loved ones.


We would love to hear more from you!

If you have a story you would like to share about your experience at the Vascular Institute, please email  


Vascular and Vein Institute of the South VVIS

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The Vascular Institute is closely monitoring the global COVID-19 outbreak.

Limb Preservation Experts

Amputation rates in the Mid-South are among the highest in the country. Vascular disease is the one of the leading causes of limb loss. It is important to be aware of signs and symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease.