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Did you know...


The Memphis-Metro area has one of the highest amputation rates in the entire country. There are 300-500 amputations performed every day. 2.1 million people are living with limb loss in the USA and that number is expected to DOUBLE by 2050.


WHY is this happening??

54% of amputations occur as a result of vascular disease, specifially peripheral arterial disease. Limb loss is the greatest health risk associated with undiagnosed or untreated PAD. It is VERY importatant to know your risk factors and be aware of signs and symptoms of this potentially life-threating disease. Without any revascularizaton procedure, 1 out of 5 PAD pateints will have an amputation! 


So what exactly is PAD?

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) is a vascular health condition that occurs when the arteries outside of your heart and brain become clogged or narrow and reduce your blood circulation. The issue usaully develops in your feet and legs, but it can also affect your arms, hands and abdomen.


Be aware of the warning signs:

Are you experiencing pain and cramping in your legs? Numbness or weakness in your legs and feet? Shiny skin or loss of hair on your legs? If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these signs and symptoms, there is most likley an underyling vascular issue.


Do NOT Amputate!

The Vascular Institute has a 95% success rate in revascularization and restoring blood flow to the limbs. We are the second opinion center in the Mid-South. If amputation is presented as the only option, come see us before giving up hope. Reduce your risk of PAD by getting more excercise, changing your diet and give up smoking. 


Leg Pain?? Do not Wait! Call the experts now!




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